About us

REACH CHEMICAL B.V. acts as Only  Representative (OR) of the chemical manufacturers, and helps European chemical suppliers to import chemical products to EU legally. 


With more than ten-years experience, we prepared many inquiry and REACH registration IUCLID dossiers and helped our respectful clients in all aspects of their sucessful registration under REACH. We also helped our clients on SDS (Safety Data Sheet) and labels authoring under REACH and CLP, and provide Poison Centres Notification services in EU.

Our vision is to invest Safety, Value and Respnsibility. Young professionals with chemical,  toxicological,  and commercial background   are always welcome to join us.




What we do : 


  • REACH Registration strategy advice
  • Data Gap analysis and toxicological studies
  • IUCLID6 dossier preparation, submission and update
  • REACH Chemical Safety Report (CSR) preparation
  • Only representation for the maunfacturers outside EU
  • Preparation of expert statements and waivers
  • Identify the exposure scenarios (ES)
  • Human health and environmental risk assessment
  • Consortium and SIEF participation
  • SDS preparation and Supply chain risk management
  • Poison Centres Notification in all members of EU